How Many of These 10 LinkedIn Mistakes is Your Company Making?

By Wayne Breitbarth, Andersen Alumnus and CEO-Power Formula LLC (Author of “The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success: Kick-Start Your Business, Brand and Job Search’)

One plus one equals two, right? Well, not in the LinkedIn world.

For the most part, LinkedIn members have been using the site to pursue their individual goals and objectives.

It’s now time for the company to gather up the troops and bring all these individuals together—with their connections and their voices—and put forth a consistent company message. There is immense exponential value when the employees and company work together.

To help business leaders corral this potential value, I have written an eBook titled: 10 LinkedIn Mistakes Companies Make—and How to Fix Them Before They Damage

Your Company's Reputation.

In this 15-page eBook, I address common mistakes, provide solutions, and give tips for using LinkedIn to grow revenues,

find new employees and suppliers, and maintain a consistent brand in the ever-changing online world.

Download your copy of my eBook here.

How many of these mistakes are you and your company making?

1. Unprofessional or poor quality employee profile photos—or, worse yet, no photo at all

2. Sharing incorrect or inconsistent information about the company

3. Poor participation—all company employees are not on LinkedIn

4. Failing to keyword optimize employee profiles and company page

5. Sharing poor status updates—or failing to use this powerful tool

6. Not using LinkedIn to search for customers, employees, suppliers, strategic partners, etc.

7. Failing to monitor employees' profiles and activity as well as what's being said about the company through LinkedIn

8. Not joining or participating in LinkedIn groups—particularly significant industry groups and customers' industry groups

9. Underutilizing the features and tools available on the company page—or not even having a company page

10. Having a woefully inadequate corporate social media policy—or none at all