By Larry Katzen, Former Andersen Partner

After working on this project for 5 years and with the help of movie writer, Chris Rehr, we have now finalized the movie script “85,000.” During these past 5 years, Chris and I researched the real story of what happened and who made the decision to indict Arthur Andersen. The story has never been told before. The script is a human-interest story about the power of the government and how it disrupted the lives of 85,000 people in 84 countries around the world. During the last few years, we have met with groups of Andersen Alum in Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Los Angeles, St. Louis and San Francisco to see who would be interested in supporting this project. There are a number of people who previously expressed an interest, but before we move forward, we first wanted to make sure there was interest on the part of Hollywood. We have since shared this story with some of the leading movie producers in Hollywood and after a pause due to Hollywood being closed because of Covid, we now have one famous producer who has expressed an interested in making this film. Larry Katzen will be meeting with him in the near future to see about getting the project started. More will be shared in the months to come.

If anyone would like to learn more about this project or would be willing to consider participating, please feel free to contact Larryrkatzen@icloud.com.