Why should I spend my energy building my brand?

By Kim Schlossberg, Andersen Alumnus Marketing Manager 1992-2002 and owner of Kim Schlossberg Designs

Today, we all have competition, and our buyers can easily find other options with a simple Google search. A solid brand-building program will help differentiate your organization and stand out above the noise.

We always have a brand, both as individuals and as organizations. You either have an intentional brand or an unintentional brand. If you don’t put your resources and energy into defining your brand, and keeping it healthy, you will have an unintentional brand, and other people (customers, competition, the media) get to define it for you.

If your brand is either unclear or inauthentic you might find yourself fielding calls from potential customers who are not a good fit for your business for one reason or another. You might have disappointed customers looking for something other than what you offer. Or, you might have a serious reputation problem. At the very least, you will become invisible in the marketplace.

A clear, consistent, authentic brand will directly speak to your ideal customers and attract them to your business. With a powerful brand, your customers and prospects will have a good idea of who you are and what you do before your first conversation. They will already trust that you’re a good match for their needs. You’ll be better able to serve them, and these happy customers will refer you to others who will also be a good fit.

Kim Schlossberg is a Brand Therapist, helping conscious businesses and non-profits look good and achieve consistent, powerful results across every medium. For almost 20 years, Kim Schlossberg has been creating brands for businesses, non-profit organizations, and thought leaders with the simple idea that your brand speaks before you do. Kim has been writing, teaching and leading organizations through a powerful process to create a brand that is both trusted and believable. She advocates for creating true, authentic brands and then carrying that message through every aspect of the company, from web messaging, to behind-the-scenes aspects including culture and leadership. Kim offers companies “strategic brand therapy” so they can attract and retain customers and grow authentically. Prior to founding Kim Schlossberg Designs in 2002, Kim served as Arthur Andersen’s Southwest regional marketing manager. Kim is very active in the community both personally and professionally. She is a co-founder of Shift/Co, and an active member of Conscious Capitalism, DFW Nonprofit Resource Group, Lakewood Area Women in Business, East Dallas Networking, and the American Institute of Graphic Artists. You can find Kim at https://kimmarla.com/ or https://www.linkedin.com/in/kimschlossberg/. Or in her kitchen or garden.